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Being new to Matka play can be a tricky thing. After all, a simple mistake can lead you to face a loss. Furthermore, playing Matka requires a lot of money investment. So, without any basic knowledge, it is not a smart move to enter the ring. But you cannot ignore the temptation of earning that enormous amount of money either. So what do you do with the cravings of Matka play? Are you going to join the Matka tribe without adequate knowledge and get yourself robbed? If that is not what you want, then join us to get your basics cleared.

All About Matka Play

Before entering into any Matka play online mode, make yourself familiar with some commonly used terms. For example, do you even know the meaning of matka? Matka stands for an earthen pot, which is used to draw the numbers. In the 1960s, people used to play Matka with the cotton price. Based on the number drawing system, matka play is based. The next most commonly used tern in matka is single. Single stands for the digits lying in between 0 to 9.

Similarly, Jodi stands for any two digits numbers between 00 to 99. Patti or Panna is for the three digits number. However, this number you cannot draw. The three-digit number will come as a result of the betting. There is no particular range of three digits in matka play,but there are only a few specific numbers.

Upon receiving the three digits number, it is divided into two parts. The first part is considered an open result, and the second part is called a close result. This open and close part of betting plays a crucial role in deciding the matka winner. Often the experts can quickly decide on the winner from the matka play without even going any further into the game.

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